Can you spare some time to help in the marketing department?

As we continually develop exciting initiatives to encourage new and existing customers to visit the NNR, it has lately become apparent that a great deal of strain is being placed on a very small team to spread the word about our wonderful Railway by the sea, so, with this in mind, do you think you would be able to lend a little bit of time to help us increase awareness for the jewel of the North Norfolk Coast.

How can I help I hear you cry!
Below is a list of opportunities that you can get involved in if you accept the challenge.

Copy editor.
To ensure copy meets the standards set by the company and carry out the final proof.
Copy editors will ensure all copy is proof read and fully prepared for use in a variety of publication formats.
A solid understanding of the English language and its appropriate use within marketing material is required.

Photography archivist.
To build, categorise and maintain an archive of photographic material from a wide selection of sources.
To ensure all photographic content has all relevant copyright usages in place and assigned to each item.

Story leads assistant
To help create and maintain a ‘buzz’ about the North Norfolk Railway.
Discovering and following up on leads for engaging and interesting stories surrounding the happenings of the NNR, it’s associated groups and departments.
Basic fact research and the preparation of a story lead document would be created.
This role could be accompanied with article and copywriting or as a stand-alone role.

Article / Copywriters
To produce engaging articles and copy for use within a variety of marketing streams. On the back of a story lead document, a range of articles and general copy will be written ready for the use in digital and print media. Where possible, we will match copywriter’s knowledge and interests with appropriate copy writing projects.

Listings assistant.
Armed with a listings fact sheet, both online and print listings will be updated on a ‘per month’ or ‘by year’ basis dependant on the listing format.
Along with regular checks and the update of existing online and print listings. Idially, the sourcing of new opportunities could also be undertaken in order to widen the company’s visibility.

In bound advertising sales assistant
The North Norfolk Railway now has a number of opportunities for the sale of appropriate advertising space to external company’s, including, on-site period style signs, existing railway publications, on-train advertising, mailshot and more.

We are looking for someone who has a personable approach as face-to-face, online and telephone communication will be required in order to sell advertising opportunities to companies and organisations that compliment both the NNR and our customers.

Business to Business mailing list assistant.
The NNR requires the further construction and continual updating of a selection of mailing lists that are utilised within the direct marketing of products and services.

Mailing lists include, media productions, coach tour operators, schools, local tourism destinations, local accommodation providers and both local and national marketing contacts, to name but a few.

Each mailing list has a specific use and therefore database requirements vary.

Experience with Microsoft Excel or similar spreadsheet / database software is essential and attention to detail is required.

Marketing ground crew
Marketing ground crew will be required to assist with the distribution of posters both on-site and off site in the local community. From time to time, requests for distribution further afield may be made and therefore travel expenses can be covered on the production of expense claims.

Market Research Assistants
Armed with a clipboard, questionnaire and a smile, the role of Market research assistants is to gain useful insights into the company’s customer base. A personable approach is essential, as you will be interacting face-to-face in order to determine our customer’s impression of the NNR.
The role will be carried out on train, on stations and from time to time, further afield to gauge awareness of the NNR, its events, and services.

These above are just a small selection of ways to help in the marketing of the NNR, but please, if you have a skill that you feel would benefit the visibility of the NNR, please do get in touch on, even if you have mentioned an interest in helping, please do so again.

I look forward to working with many of you more closely.