D6732 (37032) has a number running days scheduled for May, June and July commencing with the 22nd and 29th May and on these dates the locomotive will be running a special service in addition to the normal NNR services. Tickets for these special D6732 hauled services are now All Day Diesel rover tickets and are priced as follows:
Compartment for 2 – 4 people all day – £40
Compartment for single occupancy all day – £15

Due to the special nature of the service no further discounts will be available.

These tickets will be for the D6732 hauled services on the day and will not be valid on either the Steam service or the heritage railcar, both of which will be running NNR standard services on those days. Four round trips are planned for both days, with departure times from Sheringham to be confirmed later this week.
Tickets will be able to be purchased later this coming week, expected to be on Thursday 13th May.

“Pay on the day” will be available, but only if there are unsold compartments, so we would recommend booking in advance to secure your compartment! The stock will be all MK1 compartment stock, formed of a variety of vehicles.

We hope to see you there!