We collaborated with myhotelbreak when they visited us recently. Find out about their experience in this special guest post:

Norfolk is one of our favourite places to visit. It has so much to see and do.  We were in this region and really wanted to find something unique during our time there. Norfolk is known for its beauty and many notable attractions but we wanted to find something different, something really memorable.

We spoke to some people at our hotel and they had mentioned one of the most majestic attractions in the area was the North Norfolk Railway.  We looked more into it and we were truly sold.

Let’s find out more…

We were here at the end of September for a long weekend and we booked up for the 1940’s Murder Mystery Dining Experience called ‘Edith’s Singing Will Kill You.’ It was a really fantastically thought out and enjoyable evening.  From start to finish, from entering the train, the staff, actors & actresses from Dreamstone made the script come alive.

The atmosphere was really fantastic and all the visitors were the star of the show. The themed outfits from the cast were truly authentic and added to the experience as well.  More so, the staff are so knowledgeable. We had some questions on the history of the stations, the route taken and the volunteers were more than happy to answer any questions we had. This was truly impressive.

The route the locomotive took was lovely with lengths and lengths of glorious lush countryside. You could spend hours and hours just gazing out from the train although it got dark outside kind of quick.

Most of the scenes took place out with the train and you left gripped wondering what was going to happen next.

The food, drink and general service was really great. The 3 course meal and coffee at the end really made the evening that bit extra special.

To find out more of the events at North Norfolk Railway click here.

This was a truly unique and memorable experience as part of our wider trip to Norfolk. When on a hotel break here, take in a day or evening at North Norfolk Railway. An attraction that will last long in the memory for years to come. We can’t recommend it enough. Book up today.