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Here are some of the most common questions we get asked…

On most trains, well behaved dogs can be carried at a nominal charge. However on some trains such as dining trains and Santa Specials, dogs cannot be accommodated except registered guide and assistance dogs which travel free of charge.

We are very happy to carry cycles, at a small additional charge. However accommodation is limited on some trains and for a party of eight or more we would ask that you contact us in advance so that suitable arrangements can be made.

We are delighted to accept wheelchairs and with our converted coaches, a passenger confined to a wheelchair can still enjoy the excellent views from the train. We regret that wheelchair accommodation is not available aboard our North Norfolkman Dining Trains.

Although there are usually toilets on each of our trains, the width of the corridor does not permit the passage of a wheelchair.

We have two refurbished coaches in service for passengers confined to a wheelchair.

  • One is panelled in European Ash, has provision for up to five standard sized¬†wheelchairs and has standard seating for four accompanying friends. The picture windows give a fine view of the surrounding countryside and sea. It also has uplighting should your travel take place after dark.
  • The second coach has the same facilities but with a smaller capacity, which runs on our second train. This can accommodate up to four wheelchairs and has the same picture windows.

Although the majority of our services include one of the coaches mentioned above, the formation of the service trains do change and should you be travelling with a group confined to wheelchairs, we would recommend a phone call to 01263 820800 before the day of travel. We can then try to arrange for the necessary accommodation to be available for you.

Unfortunately, changes may be made without notice for various reasons and the locomotive department do not know which engine will be running until the day itself. We would ask that you do not contact the railway, as it is very unlikely we will be able to help. Sorry!

The answer is yes and no!

  • At Weybourne, our heavy engineering is undertaken, as a result the sheds are not accessible all the time, however our Behind the Scenes Tours allow access to the sheds. You will be accompanied by a knowledgeable guide, who will be able to answer any questions you may have.
  • Occasionally tours are conducted during the summer season too, normally around weekday lunchtimes, enquire in Weybourne buffet for more information.

Please do NOT try and access the sheds without permission.

  • You can get involved with any aspect of the North Norfolk Railway as a volunteer.
  • Alternatively, you can help support the charity that works to preserve, display and operate much of what we do. The M&GN Join Railway Society owns five locomotives and much more, and it runs the William Marriott Museum at Holt. Why not become a member?
  • Or you can become a shareholder of the North Norfolk Railway plc and qualify for some unique benefits and discounts.

To find out more, visit our Membership page


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