30 October 2021

Take a steam train to the remote station at Weybourne and discover tales of ghostly goings on, haunted happenings and local spirits



Climb aboard an historic steam train and set off on an early evening journey to the remote Edwardian station at Weybourne and see if the shrill whistle from the engine awakens any sleeping spirits.

Join an experienced guide for an after dark tour of the station to seek out all things supernatural and hear about local apparitions, ghouls and mysterious sightings – in an area once famed for smuggling there are many tales of ghostly figures, hauntings and spooky incidents. Is that the swirling of a sea mist, the steam from your train, or something unexplained?

The train will make two journeys: the first, departing from Sheringham Station at 17:00, is designed for families with children while the later trip, leaving at 19:30, is for adults. The content and style of the stories and tour at Weybourne will be tailored for the two different audiences.

Whichever train you book for, you are encouraged to come in fancy dress as a witch, wizard, ghost, ghoul, zombie or monster to add to the atmosphere.

The Old Luggage Office buffet at Sheringham Station will be open before departure so pick up a warming soup, hot tea or a homemade snack to fortify you ahead of the trip.

Timetable & Fares

FAMILY GHOST TRAIN: Sheringham dep 17:00
Expected to arrive back at approximately 18:45
TICKETS: £12.00 per person

EVENING GHOST TRAIN (Adults only): Sheringham dep 19.30
Expected to arrive back at approximately 21:15
TICKETS: £16.00 per person

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Please note that all train services and attractions are subject to amendment or cancellation without notice.