Would you like to be part of the North Norfolk Railway?

“We can’t all be train drivers, want to play your part?”

If you have visited the North Norfolk Railway before, you are sure to have seen some of our fantastic volunteers – the Driver, the Fireman, the Guard, the Signalmen, the Booking Office Clerk just to list but a few.

  • In fact you could get involved with any aspect of the North Norfolk Railway as a volunteer.
  • Alternatively, you can help support the charity that works to preserve, display and operate much of what we do. The M&GN Join Railway Society owns five locomotives and much more, and it runs the William Marriott Museum at Holt. Why not become a member?
  • Or you can become a shareholder of the North Norfolk Railway plc and qualify for some unique benefits and discounts.

Further information is available on our Volunteering Page

We also have an active Youth Development Club whereby youngsters aged between ten and sixteen can take part in supervised activities on the railway.

The Railway is mainly run by volunteers from all walks of life and age groups. There are many ways to help and to enjoy yourself at the same time.

  • Drive a steam or diesel engine
  • Operate the Signal boxes
  • Be a Guard or a Station Master
  • Work in the ticket office at one of our three stations
  • Work in our shops or buffets
  • Help maintain the stations and their gardens.
  • Help restore and maintain our coaching stock
  • Work on the trains as a Ticket Inspector or Buffet Car attendant.
  • And many more, too numerous to mention!

Many of our volunteers are skilled in more than one of the above and full training will be given where required.


Young people being involved with the North Norfolk Railway can be traced back to around the 1970’s although not as an organised club. Over the years of the club many of our young volunteers have become full volunteers on the railway and followed careers on the mainline railways, with many adult helpers also joining the ranks of full volunteers in other activities on the railway.

The objectives of the club are to actively engage young people in constructive activities around the railway to develop their individual skills and involvement in volunteering on the railway.

All members of the Youth Development Club are encouraged to migrate to becoming fully-fledged volunteers upon reaching the age of 14 through a supervised transition process.

Membership is available to boys or girls between the ages of 10 and 16.

The club holds monthly meetings on pre-agreed dates meeting at the Holt Institute at Holt Station on the Old Holt Road High Kelling Holt Norfolk NR25 6AJ undertaking organised tasks and activities: –

These tasks include: –

  • Cleaning steam & diesel locomotives, carriages & wagons along with the vintage lorry and dray.
  • Minor tasks relating to the preservation of locos, rolling stock and other historical artefacts.
  • Vegetation clearance.
  • Assisting in maintaining the railway infrastructure.
  • Running Weybourne Model Railway.
  • Assisting at special events
  • Trips to other railways.
  • Train rides.

All young volunteers are supervised by responsible DBS checked adult volunteers (generally parents of young volunteers) who, along with other railway staff, nurture and raise awareness of all aspects of railway structure, operation, equipment, maintenance and safety.

  • All young volunteers must purchase and be equipped with specified PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) including full overalls and safety boots for each meeting.
  • There is an annual membership fee of £10.00 for each young volunteer.

There are plenty of opportunities for young volunteers to help outside of the monthly club meetings, where individual members can get involved in many tasks.

For more details on how to join, please e-mail:

employment opportunities

There are over 3000 members of the Midland and Great Northern (M&GN) Joint Railway Society. The M&GN Joint Railway Society is the supporting charity of (and major shareholder in) the North Norfolk Railway and is East Anglia’s biggest railway charity. It was founded in October 1959 after the extensive closure of the M&GN system and laid the foundations of the North Norfolk Railway.

The Society works to preserve, display and operate a wide range of historical artefacts. It owns five locomotives including the B12 and J15 and many unique carriages and wagons, such as the Quad-Art set and runs the William Marriott Museum at Holt. Many members of the M&GN Joint Railway Society are active volunteers on the North Norfolk Railway and volunteers are encouraged to join and support the Society.

For more information on the Society, please visit  for an information pack and application forms.


You can help the Railway by becoming a shareholder in the North Norfolk Railway plc, and gain the satisfaction of helping to preserve part of East Anglia’s railway heritage.

Please be aware that dividends are not paid on the shares, but there are certain travel concessions for shareholders. The minimum purchase for new holders is 50 shares: discounts depend on the level of holdings:

  • 250–499 shares – 75% discount on travel for shareholder.
  • 500–999 shares – Free travel for shareholder plus 75% discount for one Guest.
  • 1,000–1,999 shares – Free travel for shareholder and one guest.
  • 2,000–4,999 shares – Free travel for shareholder and family (up to three adults and two children in total).

These free and reduced rate travel concessions apply on all services apart from:

  • Dining Trains
  • Murder Mystery
  • Santa Specials

The Board reserves the right to exclude other events from these concessions.

The following concessions are cumulative but cannot be offered during any Special Events or days on which the Railway is not operating service trains:

Once per annum:

– a shareholder holding over 2,000 shares is entitled to a reserved compartment or eight reserved seats for shareholder and guests. (these guests will travel free) (48 hours notice is required)

– a holding between 5000-7999 shares will entitle the shareholder and seven guests to free travel in a reserved coach: other guests will attract a ‘group’ discount. (7 days notice is required)

– a holding of 8000 shares & above will entitle will entitle the shareholder and seven guests to free travel in a special train: other guests will attract a ‘group’ discount. (1 months notice is required)

This is a summary. There are some restrictions on when the ‘once per annum’ concessions can be exercised. For fuller information please contact the Sheringham office.

All shareholders are sent the yearly accounts along with notices of AGM&s.

If you would like to become a shareholder, please complete this form, and return it to us by post at North Norfolk Railway, Sheringham Station, Station Approach, Sheringham, Norfolk, NR26 8RA


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