BR 20t Brake Van 950133

Build Date 1949
Operators British Railways, LMS
Status: In Service
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BR 20t Brake Van

British Railways inherited a variety of brake vans from each of the Big Four: GWR, LNER, Southern Railway and LMS due to the nationalisation of the railways in 1949.

A brake van is a wagon at the rear of a goods train where a guard would sit with a handbrake. The job was to provide extra braking force for a train and as an emergency hand brake.

All brake vans served the same purpose: to add extra brake-force to a train. Brake vans are operated by Brakemen who are in charge of making sure that the lights are in the correct place because at night a signalman would need to see the tail-lights to know that the train had not split, so that he can clear the line.

Most vans had both normal brakes and vacuum brakes. They also contained a fire for the comfort of the brakeman.

Many brake vans today are used on heritage railways as passenger units.

Owned by the M&GNJRS, this brake van was built by British Railways, Wolverton in 1949 to an original LMS design.