BR Class 37 – D6732

Build Date 1962
Operators British Railways
Status: In Service
Owned By

BR Class 37

The British Rail Class 37 is a diesel-electric locomotive. Also known as the English Electric Type 3, the Class was ordered as part of the British Rail modernisation plan. They were numbered in two series, D6600-D6608 and D6700-D6999.

The Class 37 became a familiar sight on many parts of the British Rail network, in particular forming the main motive power for InterCity services in East Anglia and within Scotland. They also performed well on secondary and inter-regional services for many years. The Class 37s are known to some railway enthusiasts as “Tractors”, a nickname due to the agricultural sound of the diesel engine of the locomotive.

Despite all members of the build now being over 50 years old, over 60 locomotives are still mainline registered and remain active undertaking a variety of passenger, freight and departmental duties on the national rail network in 2018. Approximately 30 locomotives have been preserved.


Privately owned and recently at Barrow Hill for the fitting of a replacement generator. It has now returned to the NNR and is in service for the 2019 season.