Class 08 – D3935

Power Type Diesel Electric
Builder BR Horwich
Build Date 1961
Operators British Railways
Total Produced 996
Owned By M&GNJRS

British Rail Class 08

The British Rail (BR) Class 08 is a class of diesel-electric shunting locomotive. The pioneer locomotive, number 13000, was built in 1952 although it did not enter service until 1953. Production continued until 1962; 996 locomotives were produced, making it the most numerous of all British locomotive classes.

As the standard BR general-purpose diesel shunter, the class became a familiar sight at major stations and freight yards. Since their introduction, though, the nature of rail traffic in Britain has changed considerably. Freight trains are now mostly fixed rakes of wagons, and passenger trains are mostly multiple units, neither requiring the attention of a shunting locomotive. Consequently, a large proportion of the class has been withdrawn from mainline use and stored, scrapped, exported or sold to industrial or heritage railways.

As of 2011, around 100 locomotives remain working on industrial sidings and on the main British network.

The Class 08 locomotives were the basis for the character Diesel in The Railway Series books written by the Rev. W. Awdry, and the subsequent Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends television series.


D3935 was built in 1961 at Horwich, and is currently in BR green livery with wasp stripes. The engine is currently in service having undertaken an extensive overhal in 2018 and is owned by the M&GNJRS.