Project Description

Class 20-20227 ‘Sherlock Holmes’

Power Type
Diesel Electric
Builder Robert Stephenson & Hawthorns Ltd
Build Date 1968
Operators London Underground
Total Produced
Owned By
Class 20 Association

British Rail Class 20

The British Rail (BR) Class 20, otherwise known as an English Electric Type 1, is a class of diesel-electric locomotive. In total, 228 locomotives in the class were built by English Electric between 1957 and 1968, the large number being in part because of the failure of other early designs in the same power range to provide reliable locomotives.

20227 – ‘Sherlock Holmes’

The last built class 20, number 20227, has been used extensively on the London Underground network. In the mid-2000s it was painted in Metropolitan maroon livery and named “Sir John Betjeman” by the Class 20 Locomotive Society as acknowledgement of this work. It was repainted in a special ‘modern taste’ LUL-based livery, to mark the London Underground 150 celebrations but has now been repainted, again into Metropolitan maroon, but this time renamed “Sherlock Holmes” and carries a ‘221B’ shedplate (!) The “Sir John Betjeman” name is now carried by 20142, which also sports Metropolitan line maroon livery.

Class 20, 20227 is visiting us for the summer season courtesy of the Class 20 Locomotive Society.