Project Description

Lineside Passes

A lineside pass is an excellent way to get bespoke photographs of trains in the landscape.

The North Norfolk Railway offers the chance to purchase a pass to access the trackside between Sheringham yard and Holt. .

  • Trackside access

  • Stunning natural scenery

  • Groups or individuals

  • Variety of passes to suit all requirements


Lineside passes have changed!

The North Norfolk Railway has recently undertaken a review of the process for issuing Lineside Photographic Permits, following the recent focus from the Office of Rail and Road (ORR) to the safety of individuals on or about the line of heritage railways. As a railway, we do not wish to remove the facility for photographers to be able to take pictures from our lineside, however we must abide by and comply with the law, and as such we have had to take the necessary measures to ensure this compliance in order to keep this facility.

In compliance with the UK legislation pertaining to the “Railways and Other Guided Transport System (Safety) Regulations” (ROGS), we are duty bound to ensure that all persons on our lineside have been assessed as competent in personal track safety rules and whilst we currently do this and are ROGS compliant, the ORR has recommended that all Permit holders undertake the full Personal Track Safety (PTS) course and exam. To this effect applicant will now need to undertake the same course and exam as our volunteers and staff.

In order for a PTS course to be undertaken, it is required that Permit holders must be certified as medically fit to be on the lineside. This means that anyone wishing to obtain a North Norfolk Railway Lineside Permit will now complete a medical questionnaire which will be assessed by our appointed medical provider. If this is deemed satisfactory, the applicant will then be invited to attend a PTS course and examination, however if the applicant is deemed medically un-fit to be on our lineside they may have the option to attend a medical assessment with our appointed medical provider at the applicant’s own cost.

In compliance with ROGS, anyone that does not have a valid medical certificate will be unable to obtain a North Norfolk Railway Lineside Permit.

So how does the new process work?

Applicant can purchase a £25.00 non-refundable ‘Lineside Permit Pack’ containing a Medical Questionnaire, Personal Track Safety Handbook and a Lineside Permit Information Booklet.

Once complete, the applicant will send the medical questionnaire to our Medical Provider who will advise us of the applicant’s medical fitness.

We will contact the applicant once the result is received and if passed we will book them onto their desired PTS course. At this point the remainder of the payment for the permit will be due. If we are advised the applicant is medically un-fit, but may be passed as medically fit after an examination, the applicant may book a medical assessment with the provider at the applicant’s own cost if they wish to pursue.

The applicant will attend a PTS course and must pass the PTS exam at the end of the course. If successful the applicant will be issued with a Lineside Permit and a high visibility vest with the individual’s permit number and “NNR Permit” printed on the back.
If the applicant is unsuccessful in their PTS exam, they will have the opportunity to retake the course and exam at a later date. There will be a maximum of one re-take and if this is not passed the applicant will be unable to obtain a NNR Lineside Permit in future.

So how much does it cost?

The NNR offers a two year permit for applicants between the age of 16 and 65 and a one year permit for those aged 66 or over. We are only able to offer a 1 year pass due the fact that those over the age of 67 must submit an annual medical questionnaire and therefore a pass cannot have a longer period of validity.

One Year Permit (over 65 only) Two Year Permit (16 – 65)
M&GN Society members & NNR Shareholders £80.00 £135.00
Full Price £105.00 £160.00

While we appreciate this is an increase from our old pricing, in order to maintain this facility to enable photographers to go on our lineside there is an increased cost to administer the process.

The steps in this review have not been taken lightly and have been done with the best of intentions to still give access to our wonderful lineside whilst ensuring that the Railway remains compliant with ROGS. We hope you continue to support the North Norfolk Railway, and if you have any questions about the new Lineside Permit process, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us

Further Information

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to Contact Us by telephone on 01263 820800 or email

Please be aware that we are an operational railway, and there are a number of terms and conditions you will need to meet prior to being granted a lineside pass.

  •  All persons must be over the age of 16
  •  All persons must wear an orange high-visibility vest at all times whilst on the lineside
  •  When a train approaches, stand well clear of the line, and acknowledge the locomotive whistle to inform the crew you are clear of the line
  •  All applicants will have to sit a short test prior to being granted a lineside pass
  •  Abusive language to railway staff will not be tolerated under any circumstances