You can help preserve history with the Reedham Junction Signal Box Appeal.

Network Rail have generously gifted the 60-lever Reedham Junction signal box to the North Norfolk Railway, to relocate it at our Holt site for the purpose of creating a hands-on railway signalling simulator. Here everyone from families to signalling enthusiasts will be able to work a ‘real’ signalbox and be that signalman without fear of delaying trains. Unlike most signal boxes in preservation, mainly single track with token operation, Reedham Junction will showcase the larger ‘boxes with double track absolute block with a junction too! Visitors will be able to learn the art of train regulation; the careful weaving of the Yarmouth holiday express between the Lowestoft fish trains to keep time, splitting the York express for Yarmouth and Lowestoft and in parallel shunting wagons for Cantley factory. Or simply ponder at life sitting in a cosy armchair on a dark evening, with only the comforting coal stove and a ticking clock for company.

The appeal has now reached £30,000, with a remaining £5,000 left to raise! If you’d like to support this cause and would like to learn more, please click here.