Corporate Hospitality

Corporate Services on Norfolks Premier Heritage Railway, ‘Twixt Sea and Pine’

  • A unique venue for your meeting or hospitality event

  • Lunch on the NNR

  • Footplate trips

  • Footplate Experiences

Lunch on the NNR

If you are having a meeting or conference nearby, one of our restored buffet restaurant cars can be made available to provide lunch together with a return trip up the line. This would normally take about two hours although we can adapt this time to suit your requirements.

We can handle up to twenty guests in these carriages, although we can arrange for additional dining carriages to be added to the train. If desired a dedicated dining train can be run, taking up to 100 guests. For details about our restaurant car, and the sort of train you are able to hire, see our North Norfolkman web page.

There is a coach park adjacent to our station at Sheringham should you come from further afield and there are places for coaches to drop and and park at Holt station should you wish to start your journey from there.

Alternatively we can make arrangements with a variety of local hotels to provide conference facilities, if required. These are within a short distance of the railway.

Footplate Trips

These can be arranged for some members of your party who are dining with us.

Footplate Experience

These will be tailored to your individual requirements.

Typically we can accommodate up to eight participants and during the day you can drive and fire a steam engine, try your hand at driving a main line diesel locomotive and also have the opportunity to operate the signals.

Each person will get to drive the full length of the line on both a steam and diesel engine, or alternative itineries can be arranged to suit your individual needs.

Participants may each bring a guest along, they may ride in the brake van (or diesel, subject to safety rules) with us during the day. Please note a maximum of 4, including the crew, are allowed on a steam engine footplate at any one time.

We will provide as many cups of tea (or coffee) as you can drink and breakfast or a light lunch can also be arranged about mid day for the whole party.

We would emphasise that the content of these days can be tailored to your individual requirements.

Further Information

If you would like to discuss your specific requirements, please do not hesitate to Contact Us by telephone on 01263 820800 or email